Find out your ring size

The most reliable way to get your Harmony piece made to your exact size is the following:

1- Get a ruler, ideally transparent.

2- Place it on a ring you have got with the desired measure, try to make it as centered as possible.

3- Measure the inside diameter of the ring.

4- That measure, in millimeters, is yours. (1 mm = 0.039 inches, 1 inch= 25.4 mm).

Below we show you a couple of examples:




  • If you are going to purchase a wide ring, choose it one size above yours for your comfort. In designs with just a hoop ring or a gem uncovered at the bottom side, choose one size above yours as well.
  • Every single jewelry store uses different sizes. DO NOT compare this size with any other one given somewhere else.
  • Women's average size is 12. Men's average size is usually 22.
  • If the ring is going to be worn on the hand used to write, half-size should be added to the ring measure.
  • It should be considered the moment of the day when measure is taken, since there can be some variatons according to heat, cold, efforts, etc.


If you don't have a ring handy for the desired finger, the image below shows how we can measure the size of a ring, with the aid of a tailor tape measure. Placed around our finger phalanx, it will display how many millimeters there are around the finger where we want our ring to be worn.